Senior Connection Center, Inc.   Meals on Wheels PLUS of Manatee
1.  I am happy with the number of meals I receive each week

2.  My meals usually arrive on time

3.  When the food is delivered, the hot food is hot and the cold food is cold

4.  Overall, I like the time of day my meals arrive

5.  The food delivery person is friendly, polite and respectful

6.  My meals are always delivered

  = Provider     = PSA

7.  I look forward to seeing the person who delivers my meal

8.  Overall, my meals taste good

9.  I eat most of the meals I receive

10.  My meals come too early in the day

11.  The home delivered meal service has a good selection of meals

12.  My meals are cooked the way I want them cooked

  = Provider     = PSA

13.  Do these services help you stay in your home

14.  Do these services help you maintain or improve your quality of life

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