Senior Connection Center, Inc.   PSA-Wide
1.  My homemaker is very thorough

2.  My homemaker arrives on time

3.  My homemaker is polite and respectful to me

4.  In general, my homemaker takes an interest in me as a person

5.  I need more hours of homemaker services each week

6.  It is easy to communicate with my homemaker

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7.  My homemaker stays as long as she is supposed to

8.  Generally, my homemaker knows how to complete all tasks

9.  I trust my homemaker in my home

10.  My homemaker has enough time to do all the jobs I need to have done

11.  My homemaker usually completes all of the jobs she is suppose to

12.  Do these services help you stay in your home

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13.  Do these services help you maintain or improve your quality of life

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