Senior Connection Center, Inc.   Seniors First
1.  I know how to contact my case manager if I have a problem

2.  My case manager listens to what I say about the things I need

3.  My case manager is very knowledgeable about the services that are available

4.  It is easy to call my case manager if I need to speak with him or her

5.  My case manager has arranged all the services I need

6.  On the whole, my case manager does a good job setting up care for me

  = Provider     = PSA

7.  My case manager is polite and treats me with respect

8.  If I leave a message for my case manager, I know they will return my call

9.  My case manager makes an extra effort to get me the help I need

10.  Does this service help you stay in your home

11.  Does this service help you maintain or improve your quality of life

  = Provider     = PSA